Face Yoga

Face and neck exercising for a safe, natural face lift. Suitable for any age – young and old, men and women. Take control of the ageing process today. It Works!

At Natural Face Fitness we will teach you how to safely interrupt and reverse the ageing process and re-tone, re-firm and rejuvenate your face and neck muscles – giving yourself a natural face lift.

Learn how to relax and take the tension away from the face and jaw line with Face Yoga. A programme that incorporates the most effective traditional methods and the latest research combining Face Yoga, breathing techniques, face massage and acupressure with face exercises. Devised by Danielle Collins the World leading Face Yoga expert.

Train to become a Face Yoga Method teacher and gain the Certificate of Achievement in The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method enabling you to teach Face Yoga classes, workshops and one to one sessions.

Call today to discuss the ideal way for you to start on your Natural Face Fitness path – take control of the ageing process yourself and enter the world of Natural Anti Ageing.

“I didn’t mind the lines so much as I have lived a good life but the bag and sag no, I definitely wanted to remove that and that’s what exercising does”