Anne CrottyI’m Anne Crotty and I set up Natural Face Fitness because I passionately believe in three things:

  • there is nothing to be ashamed of about getting older. It happens to us all and we don’t have to apologise for it!
  •  I definitely don’t want to have surgery to my face for cosmetic reasons, inject it with Botox or any other substance (and keep re-injecting it), or pay a fortune for the latest miracle cream (and keep re-buying it) waiting for it to work. I don’t want to be one of those people we read about in the paper where something has gone wrong or there has been an adverse reaction to the treatment
  •  however we may still want to look the best we can whatever our age. If you are one of those people then there is no need to freeze your face, inject it with goodness knows what or resort to the worries of surgery – there is a safe and natural way.

Personally I love nature and the outdoors. Some of my favourite things to do are walking, horse riding and even a bit of gardening. I’ve exercised all of my life and found it a great way of dealing with stress and generally helping me to feel good.

Early on in my working life I trained as a beauty therapist and worked for one of the top health hydros. There I was most interested in the face and specialised in facials. I started researching alternatives to the chemical or surgical routes to anti-ageing for myself and exercising the face and neck muscles just makes so much sense to me that I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought about it sooner!

I know from my own experience the benefits it brings and I love teaching the programmes to other people and helping them achieve the positive changes that happen. I am one of only three authorised Facercise® instructors in the UK and one of the first group to train in Face Yoga. Once you know how to exercise your face and neck muscles effectively you are set for the rest of your life; no need for constant and costly re-injections, the control is in your hands (and mind) to look the very best you want to – naturally.

Welcome to the world of natural anti-ageing. Trust in the exercising, it is tried and tested and it works!

Give me a call on 07803 897125 or drop me an email: anne@naturalfacefitness.co.uk with any queries or to discuss further.