When will I see a result?

Everyone is different, your lifestyle e.g. the amount of sun damage, poor diet and stress, the genes you inherit affect your skin and how you age, plus the age you are when you start to exercise your face all play a part in how quickly you will see a result. However when followed correctly the face muscles respond quickly and benefits can usually start to be felt within one to two weeks for most people and then built upon. After around one month you should be able to feel a definite tightening in the areas you are working.

How will I remember what to do when I’m on my own?

It’s recommended that you start with a lesson to ensure that you feel confident in your technique as it is obviously important to carry out the exercises correctly for them to be effective. Individual lessons include the price of a DVD for home reference which will help you to continue to work correctly. I recommend that you do the programme once more on the first day of your training whilst everything is fresh in your mind.

 I’m really only bothered about one area (e.g. my neck/eyes/mouth – insert whichever applies) do I have to do all of the exercises?

Yes to be effective you must do all of the programme outlined for you. The muscles of the face and neck work synergistically and working just one area all of the time can often have the opposite effect to the one you want.

I’ve heard that exercising the face actually causes wrinkles, is this true?

No! Do you get wrinkles on your body because you’ve been to the gym or done pilates – of course you don’t. Muscles are muscles and exercised correctly they strengthen and tone, you will not stretch them or your skin out of shape.

I like to exercise and look after myself but I’m not very good at doing it myself at home especially if I’ve had a hard day and am tired, do you have any tips for staying motivated?

This question describes me exactly! However 10 – 20 minutes a day is definitely achievable. Tips I can give you that work for me are; firstly remember why you wanted to do it in the first place and keep in mind what you want to achieve. Then link it to something that is already a daily habit for you and you will find that it quickly becomes a habit as well.

For example by linking it in as part of your morning routine e.g. just before you put face cream on in the morning or before you apply any make-up, or just before or after you clean your teeth – anything like that and it will quickly become part of that habit. It does not have to be the morning just find the right time for you and persist and you will find you are doing it regularly without thinking too much about it.