How it Works

How face yoga worksAll muscles, and this includes the face and neck muscles, need to be worked or they gradually weaken. We know about training our body muscles to strengthen them and similarly we can train our face and neck muscles to be firmer resulting in a more youthful look.

The face exercise programmes target the 57 muscles in the face and neck. Unlike the body these muscles are attached directly to the skin so working them correctly and regularly will lift the skin, soften lines and improve overall tone.

The muscles of the face work synergistically and so it is important to do all of the programme taught to you and not have just one or two favourite exercises. There are many tiny muscles in the face and you will learn to concentrate on, and isolate, the muscles of one area at a time and really work those muscles well.

Learning how to relax and take tension out of the face, together with massage techniques that will increase circulation and help to increase collagen and elastin, complements and improves the overall effect that exercising the muscles brings.

The benefits include:

  •  an improved glow to the skin because of the increased blood supply as you work the muscles giving a more youthful look
  •  eyebrows and eyelids are lifted and the eyes appear larger and brighter
  •  under eye puffiness and hollows diminish
  •  lines soften and diminish including the nasolabial lines, the forehead and around the lips
  •  the jaw line firms – double chins become past tense
  •  neck skin becomes toned and smoothed giving a more youthful look
  •  also it is cost effective. Once learnt you have the skill and knowledge for the rest of your life – no need for costly, regular re-injections of whatever, or the latest very expensive miracle cream.