Having hit 40 in 2011 I was starting to think about and research Botox and other age defying substances, then I came across Anne. I was a little sceptical at first, but having seen the difference to Anne I decided to give it a go as I love health and fitness so a natural non evasive programme appealed to me, and to be honest I thought that if it didn’t make a difference I can always try Botox anyway. Anne was great; very calm, clear and attentive and we managed to have a giggle. I am a busy person and I was worried about how long the routine would take, however after a while you can complete the routine in 10 minutes which is very manageable, and has formed part of my very limited ‘me’ time. The follow up appointment was great, just to fine tune my technique and Anne is very patient and reminded me to slow down (she worked me out!). I’m really pleased with the results and it feels good to have 10 minutes a day just on me. I won’t be researching Botox any more” Botox free, Hampshire.

Since starting the facial exercises I have noticed that the area around my mouth is smoother, my eyelids aren’t quite so crepey and my neck is starting to look more toned. I am really pleased with the results so far and will keep going with it” Gill K, Farnham.

I was getting disheartened when looking at my face in detail. There were slight but noticeable differences appearing. Parts of my face were beginning to sag and lines were beginning to make their mark. Botox and cosmetic surgery were out of the question. Meeting Anne and performing the Facercise/Natural Face Fitness exercises have changed my whole thinking of the ageing process. These exercises really work and will remodel your face. It really makes sense. Only 2 weeks into the exercises and friends were already commenting on the lustre of my skin, as one friend said ‘you look like you’ve had a facial’. This is due to the exercises and the circulation working around the face. I cannot recommend the ‘Face Boot Camp’ enough. Anne is extremely professional, very patient, and is an excellent example of how Facercise can remodel your face. These exercises are for life if you want to see the benefits and they only take minutes to perform” Annette S, Southampton.

I came across Natural Face Fitness just at the right time for me. I had started to notice subtle changes in my face and neck that I hadn’t really noticed before but once I had, I didn’t really like what I saw. Although I am at the beginning of my journey I am really excited at the improvements I have started to notice. The initial session is quite involved but Anne made me very relaxed. Anne’s teaching style is very clear, and although you have to concentrate quite hard on what you are doing, the experience was enjoyable and fun. The follow up session I had a week or so later was very important as it allowed Anne to check my technique so that I can achieve the best results I can. Not only that but it’s kept my motivation going. It really is a lifetime skill and a real investment. It makes so much sense to exercise your face and neck the natural way, and the results I have seen on clients further along their journeys have been truly astounding” 48 year old, starting to sag! Berkshire.